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About Us

An ICT services company with over 14 Years of Experience

Datamax Consultancy Limited is an ICT services company that was established in 2008. It is registered and incorporated in Kenya with its Head Office based in Nairobi. The offices act as our hub to cover the greater Eastern Africa Region.

ICT Consultancy
Professional Staff
East African Region
Project/program management

Oracle Gold Partner
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Core values

Guiding Principles

Our Mission

Datamax Fundamental Purpose and Objectives.

Our mission is evident in our motto: Engage, Envision, Empower—Business Information Technology Solutions from the Top to the Factory Floor. Through this approach, we prioritize customer satisfaction, ensuring that we consistently meet their needs and deliver what is required from us, time and time again.

Our Vision

Our Aspirational Future State Guide.

We orchestrate, create, and bring together the best staff, consulting partners, and industry experts from across the organization and its network, leveraging their insights and capabilities to deliver ‘quality’ as committed through ‘our technology resources.’ This is done with our primary responsibility of building trust and sustaining long-term client relationships and businesses in mind.

Our Philosophy

Our Guiding Principles And Beliefs.

We are more than ‘consultants’ who are truly accountable for delivery. We are dedicated professionals, as passionate about business as we are about technology. We are ‘business technologists.’ We embrace change; there will always be another ‘problem’ to solve, another innovation to implement, but we are not about to give up. We are about progress. We are about bringing people, business, and technology together to empower progress from the top of the business to the factory operation floors.

Our Services

Oracle Services.

We are an Oracle Gold Partner under the Oracle Partner Network for Information Technology solutions.

Database Implementation

We ensure you make the best out of Oracle Database.

Oracle Cloud

We are prepared to shift Oracle customers from on-premise deployments to the Oracle cloud with a comprehensive portfolio of implementation services.

Oracle Security

We implement Oracle’s offering of a data-centric security, embedded in both the database and in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

In-house Services

  • Consulting.
  • Project Management.
  • Customer Service & Support.
  • Training.

Data center

Robust and hardened for your private cloud and colocation services

OS support

Unique expertise in Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Oracle Solaris, and Oracle Linux.

EM and Grid control – Enterprise

We customize and continually improve monitoring parameters and metrics.

E-Business Suite

We provide on-premises installation and, support whenever needed, in the running of your enterprise Oracle E-business Suite.

Our Services

SAP Business Information Technology Solutions

SAP ERP is a comprehensive software solution that can be used by businesses of all sizes. It is a modular system, which means that you can choose the modules that are right for your business. SAP ERP is also a scalable system, which means that it can be easily expanded as your business grows. Manage your business with a single solution, from accounting, financials, purchasing, inventory, sales, and customer relationships to reporting and analytics.


We have the right cloud ERP for you

Whether adopting your first ERP or migrating from an existing one to the cloud, you can gain a complete, modular solution with the AI and analytics capabilities to move your business forward.

Start Your cloud ERP journey by adopting a ready-to-run solution

Run, build, and grow your business with a cloud ERP that gives you industry best practices and helps build your own breakthroughs.

Migrate Your current ERP to a tailored-to-fit cloud solution

Move to cloud ERP at your pace to safeguard your existing SAP ERP investment. You can drive innovation and unlock new efficiencies with intelligent automation.

Our Services


Get the most out of Postgres with help from Datamax’s PostgreSQL consultants. Our flexible engagement model and wide range of expertise mean you have the support needed to use or explore Postgres for any use case, including cloud, automation, and analytics projects.


Deploy PostgreSQL with Confidence:

We provide comprehensive consulting services that cover all aspects of commercial PostgreSQL usage, from initial planning to going live. Our team of expert consultants is ready to assist with PostgreSQL support and database migrations, including migrations from Oracle to PostgreSQL. PostgreSQL supports both SQL (relational) and JSON (non-relational) querying.

A Methodical Approach:

We recognize the benefits of taking a methodical approach to product development and are dedicated to working closely with you to assist at each lifecycle stage that your application will pass through to meet your business requirements.

We’ll future proof your new systems with capacity disaster recovery planning:

Our assessment includes a plan to future proof your new systems, including disaster recovery and how they can scale and meet capacity as you continue to grow

Your security will be ensured with security and compliance planning:

Your security concerns with cloud are covered when we identify gaps that may cause delays, architecture operations issues, encryption, storage, and other security risks

At Datamax, we help your organization implement PostgreSQL database best practices, development, performance tuning, consulting, recruiting services and hands-on training services.

Our Services


Optimize your on-premises or cloud SQL Server environment with our MS SQL server consulting and support. Our dedicated team of SQL Server experts can help you alleviate skill shortages, improve response times, increase performance and availability, while reducing operating costs and risk for all your SQL Server technologies.

Database design and architecture:

 we help you design and architect a SQL Server database that meets your specific needs and requirements. This includes defining the database schema, creating tables and views, and setting up relationships between them.

Database performance tuning:

 we identify and resolve performance bottlenecks in your SQL Server database. This includes analyzing query execution plans, optimizing indexes, and tuning system settings.

Database security:

 We implement and maintain security best practices for your SQL Server database. This includes setting up user permissions, encrypting data, and configuring auditing.

Database migration:

 We help you migrate your SQL Server database to a new version, a new platform, or a new cloud environment.

Disaster recovery planning:

We develop and implement a disaster recovery plan for your SQL Server database. This includes creating backups, testing the restore process, and establishing a failover strategy.

As well, the below are included in the consultancy’s package in addition to the above core services:

  • SQL Server health checks and audits
  • SQL Server training and support
  • SQL Server performance monitoring and reporting
  • SQL Server high availability and disaster recovery solutions
  • SQL Server cloud migration and managed services

Whether you’re looking to migrate from on-premises to Azure cloud technologies, or you’re looking to develop a hybrid cloud environment with Microsoft Azure, our experts will guide you along your cloud journey.

Most importantly, we help with cost optimization. Having worked on multiple cloud environments in different domains, we are uniquely positioned to help you with the lessons learned in optimizing costs as well as obtaining the best value out of Azure and other cloud platforms.

Finally, we can customize our services to meet your specific needs. For example, if you are planning a major SQL Server upgrade, we help you develop a detailed project plan and manage the entire process.

Our Services

Mongo DB

Did you know relational databases can scale up, but have a hard time scaling out? NoSQL databases, on the other hand, are meant to scale out with commodity-grade hardware. Many organizations prefer using NoSQL over SQL databases as it offers a great set of features.

MongoDB can be used for modern, distributed and cloud-based applications, and offers SQL features like ACID transactions, ad hoc queries, joins, indexing, and much more.

At Datamax Consultancy, we work with you to implement database best practices, development, performance tuning, consulting, recruiting services and hands-on training services.

Our database and scalability experts have a proven track record of successful database implementation projects at very optimized cost.

Our Clients

Valued Partners in Success.

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